Current Guitars/Gear

2011 MIM Fender Std. Telecaster FSR Ash (Butterscotch Blonde) - Acquired 6/18

2012 BC Rich Mockingbird STQ (Transparent Purple) Acquired - 1/18

2015 MIM Fender Deluxe Lone Star Stratocaster
 (Ocean Turquoise) Acquired - 3/17 

2016 MIM Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster
(Vintage White) Acquired - 7/16

1999 Fender Stratocaster Am. Std. Hardtail
(Inca Silver)  Acquired - 1/03

2013 Yamaha APX500II
(Vintage White)  Acquired - 1/13

2010 Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass
(Black)  Acquired - 10/10

Bugera V22

Line 6 Spider IV 15

Vintage Crate CR-IIR

Line 6 Lowdown LD 15 Bass Amp

Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless System

Vox AmPlug Classic Rock

Original 1980 TS-808 Tube Screamer

Behringer Heavy Distortion

Moen "Shaky Jimi" Vibe

Mooer ElecLady Flanger


Graham Hunt said...

Great list.

I should do this when I have time to take all the pics.

Question.... do you block the bridges on the strats or are they floating?

Wil said...

I do not block them, I just set them up to where the bridge is laying flat on the body and leave it at that, they seem to stay in tune pretty well. I kind of wish I could use the tremolo bar once in awhile but I never have been able to keep a single Strat I've owned in tune when I used the bar so I just said the Hell with it! Or I've just bought Hardtails which I love.