Monday, November 23, 2015

Debbie Mireles, 1961-2015

I originally posted this on Facebook, figured I'd put it on here too for memory's sake.

When I came into this world almost 48 years ago there was someone at home anxiously awaiting my arrival. That person was my sister, Debbie. My sister had to leave me behind when she left this world late Saturday night.

My sister was my protector, confidant, my beacon and my biggest fan. Every first, every success and heartache in my life always reached her ears first. There is or was no person in my life closer or more important to me.

Debbie leaves behind a husband, three fine sons and their burgeoning families. She also leaves behind a lifetime of memories and anecdotes that will be fondly recalled and retold for many years to come.

The world I live in is truly not as bright as it was a couple of days ago. But myself and all of the other people she touched in her lifetime will go on to live their lives the best they can, come happiness or sorrow. She waits for me at home now once again. I'll see you when I get there Debbie.