Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wil Harrison: Local Celebrity?

Got this in the mail today, hooray for me! The thing that's perplexing me is how in the Hell did they get my address? I'm quite sure I've never filled out anything there and in fact have only been there like twice in the last 3 or 4 years. The envelope was even addressed (handwritten) to "Wil" so they must have really good intel.

Now mind you I am in no way bothered by this, just curious. I am all over the internets with my many dealings and comedy/entertainment stylings but I never divulge my exact address. Hmm. Maybe I should run right over there today and get to the bottom of this, and of course use this gift certificate!
Editor's Note: I just Googled "Wil Harrison" and found my address in like 14 seconds. Ok, now I'm somewhat bothered.  Fuckin' internet!

Hey, maybe they want me to do a couple of spots for them or something?  "I'm Wil Harrison, and whenever I'm in beautiful Calumet City, Illinois, there's only one place I'll stop (literally) to satisfy my immense hunger..."

Yeah, maybe not. 

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  1. "Immense Hunger" was the name of my second solo album....