Monday, December 22, 2014

New Rules!

Now here's a new law starting Jan. 1 that makes some sense, definitely an old wrong righted.  Remember every time you would get a moving violation ticket (in your younger years of course) they would take your license and then invariably in the 2 months till your court date you would get pulled over again and then get arrested cause you were riding on a ticket?  Or you would have like 27 occasions when you REALLY needed your license in that 2 months and they wouldn't accept that damn faded and folded 6 times ticket you had?  No more!

For you non-Illinois residents, yes, they really did this.  I can't tell you how many times I got pulled over "riding on a ticket" and ended up getting arrested cause I didn't have my actual driver's license on me.  Or how may times back in the days before debit cards and whatnot when people actually used to write checks or did banking at the physical bank that I was denied transactions and the like because I didn't have my license on me.  Yes, I guess I could've gotten a "State ID" but nobody thought of that then, that was for people that didn't have driver's licenses! 

So after January 1st, I say to you all, drive fast and take chances! All is well! 

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