Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Excessive Production

Have you ever noticed how many different screens you have to go through to get to the damn movie? And I'm not even talking about the 5-12 minutes of preview trailers. I'm talking about all the different production companies and filmmakers and such. Of course they all have to have their own special logo promo things and all that too. Does anybody really care?

I sat down to watch a movie the other day and went through this after of course viewing 5 trailers for upcoming movies that they would like me to see. I decided to fire up the camera to illustrate my point. Enjoy?


  1. I often think as the next logo appears with an odd fanfare or jerky electro pop sound how they all clash together anyway and it is all about "we all shared the risk because none of us had the balls to believe 100% in this film" which then as the nth one appears makes you begin to think... if it took this much collaboration to get the funding together it this really going to be worth my £9.99? It isn't the best way to get you into the movie with a positive attitude is it?

  2. I agree (obviously). I watch a lot of "independent" films and it seems they all have 5-10 producers and whatnot.