Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Fun!

So, what do you get for the man that has everything (within reason)? Or should I say for the man that buys himself everything he could possibly want (once again within a big reason)? More toys! I got this dandy dragstrip and the nephews and I were treated to minutes of fun and excitement, chills and spills. There's already talk of new cars being acquired, leagues forming and wagers being placed.

This thing is flat out awesome, I highly recommend! I listen to a lot of music on my phone, sometimes when I'm actually awake, and this thing kicks ass. It has nice, clear tone to it with surprising bass that doesn't break up easily. For less than $30 you can't beat it.

Here was an after Christmas gag gift that I just received tonight. I absolutely hate this God Damn thing and it's constant barrage of sad attempts at humor on Facebook and the like. No, it is NOT funny to show a picture of The Elf shitting Hershey's Kisses hundreds of times over and over. It's just not. You can giggle and chortle and guffaw all you want. That also goes for sitting it on the toilet and whatnot. I'm gonna stop now.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and we all make it to another New Year.

BONUS! - For those that actually came over here from Facebook and bothered to read this whole piece, you've just earned $1.73 via Paypal for your patronage.  


Anonymous said...

Make the freaky little elf some leather "ass-less" chaps or something. - Starbabie

Wil said...

As we speak I'm trying to decide what situations and pratfalls to put it in.

Heff said...

Pose it with Buzz Lightyear, that's always funny....Ok, NO.

Wil said...

Yeah, it's not.