Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tweeting With Celebs!

My "conversation" with Lou Diamond Phillips after I called him out for bad joking.  "Good luck with your music"?  He's about 28 years late with that comment.  He must have actually looked at my profile and saw the guitars banner.  Jesus, who will I talk to next?  Charlene Tilton?  C. Thomas Howell?  Kristy McNichol?  Celebrity cavalcade!

Also, note the shout-out at the bottom to my Uncle whom I reckon thought he was sending a private message.  Wil on Twitter, a non-stop thrill ride! 


  1. You friend of the stars... you should have asked him for a support slot!

  2. Have to go about it slow Graham, takes time to work your way in, LOL.

  3. Especially when you haven't had any practice in the last few years....