Friday, October 24, 2014

Taking Flight

The other day, just for the hell of it, I bought this off of Amazon for all of $25. I've always been interested in RC cars and planes, slot car race tracks, bubble hockey and many other juvenile types of things. So I figured why not, let's get one and try it out. The verdict: This thing's a lot of fun. We've beaten the hell out of it and so far it just keeps going. I do have to admit that I am not the best pilot though.

The first time I tried to fly it looked like a carnival "test of strength" game. Up and down, up and down. Level off you bastard! So my smart ass nephew comes in and tells me to let him try. He then proceeds to fly it with near flawless precision, I swear to God he actually made it somersault and loop a couple of times. Damn kids! Of course this is a young person that if I recall correctly was actually born with a game controller in his hand. Yes, fun for all. I think I actually enjoy watching him fly it more than I do flying it myself.

Check out these exciting videos! The first one is him flying it that first night and the second is him flying it outside early this morn. "Indoor Use Only" my arse!

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