Sunday, September 14, 2014

46 Years of Me

I was playing around the other day with my video editor program and discovered I could get screen snapshots (DUH!).  I got silly with it and created a lot of the music performance pics you will see here. After messing with that for a few hours I opened up the movie maker to see what I could do with that. I added music and came up with this rather creepy ode to myself. Really hoping this isn't my "swan song" cause that would kind of like suck and shit.

Editor's Note: I could have added a wider variety of pics age wise but I didn't realize I was crafting a theme at the time. Also, I am pretty sure there are only about 5-7 pics in existence of me from say age 25-35 (Before digital cameras and such).  What the hell, this is a first take.  


  1. I "lost" so many of those kinds of pics - I just didn't want to be reminded of certain things... Stupid really.

    Good job sir

  2. Thanks, I'm glad I figured out how to get pics out of videos, comes in handy.