Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Guitar Day!

Scored this bad fella on eBay, should be in my hands Friday. 2011 Am Std Stratocaster in Candy Cola Red. Got it for a good price, I'm pretty chuffed! I was really GASing for Surf Green but this one caught my eye and I jumped into the auction and made it my bitch! Rock on!


  1. ooww - nice!

    Keep looking at USA strats - nearly dived for one a little while back but can't really justify it in the grand scheme of things...

  2. Furtheron - What is this "Justify" that you speak of? Seriously though, you should hear some of the reasons that I concoct to tell myself it's ok, you deserve this.

    Heff - I know it was you Fredo.

  3. You never need to justify another guitar eh Wil? How many you got cluttering up the place now?

  4. No I don't Colin, The Commander answers only to himself, LOL. Since the great "Guitar Acquisition Campaign" began back in July of 2010, I've bought 10 guitars and sold 5 of them.

    So the current tally is 1 Bass, 2 Acoustics and 5 electrics for those playing along at home.

  5. Aww go play with your rats Gina! LOLZ