Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

My youngest nephew, Ryan, FINALLY went to get his driver's license today. As Wil waits in the van, it seems like a great time to record the event for posterity. "Hilarity" ensues!

First, to the staging area:

And we're off! The commentator that is.

And now we're off!


Success! After 5 long years Ryan has finally done it! I couldn't be happier for him or me!

(Editor's Anal Retentive Note) - Nick's Nissan Altima stunt vehicle is actually a 2006 model, not a 2005 as it was mistakenly referred to in the live action filming.


  1. ...and may god have mercy on his soul

  2. I just love .. LOVE the commentary! Congrats Ryan!! So happy you did it darlin!