Thursday, April 17, 2014

Death Alley Driver

Now anyone that knows me personally knows that I am quite the driver. I've long prided myself on my driving prowess as I really don't have a lot of other tangible skills to promote. So, when I make a mistake I feel like an ass but have to laugh at myself cause hell, everyone else is.

As you can see above, I cut it just a little too close to the curb the other day at the local Kmart. Yes Kmart, people do still shop there, at least for a little while longer before they finally close. My Nephew thought it was such good fun that he had to take a picture of my new Michelin "Yellow Wall". My first thought was, "Holy shit, did they just paint that curb?" Damn that seems like a little much, I only brushed it!

I've decided to just leave it on there and let it fade away naturally. I mean we're coming out of winter anyway and perhaps it gives my vehicle a little more character or even signals to people to stay away from this one, he just doesn't care.

Happy motoring everyone, see you on the streets!

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