Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's All Or Nothing

Why do I let things like this bother me so much?  Yes, I will actually sit there and make sure every bit of that protective foil shit is off of there.  If I don't, it will drive me nuts.  OCD much?


  1. Haha... like my darling wife.

    I come downstairs in the morning, I pull the curtains (drapes) we have tie back things and no matter how hard I work at getting them to look like they do when she does them... guess what... I'll sit in the kitchen munching my cereal and watch her come down and go straight to them and move some fold or something a half inch ... I just shake my head and smile... I mean as if I'd even actually notice?

    Use it as a strength - ever thought of being a proof reader or similar again my wife reads important letters and emails and instantly spots the mistakes I'd have stared at for ages without seeing

  2. I just might have to look into that Graham.