Friday, February 28, 2014

Misc. Thangs

Jesus, I sure am busy over here doing nothing.  I will do a proper update soon. Until then, here's some quick shite.

We have another storm coming this weekend.  We're expecting 4" to 6'.  Does it really matter anymore?

Spring training baseball has begun!  Hope springs eternal.  GO WHITE SOX!

Saturday night or tomorrow as it were (that's twice today I've used that phrase, probably incorrectly),  the Blackhawks are hosting the Penguins in yet another outdoor game at Soldier Field.  You can kiss my arse if you think I would be going to that.  F-U.  I will be just fine here in My Lair watching it on the telly.

God Dammit!  I swear I haven't touched a single guitar in more than a week.  WTF!  Not like I don't have the time.  See, I could be doing that right now instead of this.

Got these the other day, I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Holy shit!  Saxon just came on my Media Player. "Wheels Of Steel!"

Also, after talking to my mate Colin, the other day I am looking forward to the upcoming racing seasons for IndyCar and F1.  IndyCar begins March 30 with The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg and F1 bows with The Australian Grand Prix on March 16!  I plan on trying to follow both closely this year.  Sorry, I don't do NASCAR.  

Aight peeps, lemme go and do something else now. 

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