Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meanwhile, Somewhere In Alabama...

And just before 2 PM on January 23rd, two young lovers finally said, "I do", and became as one in the eyes of Our Lord.  Congrats to Heff and Donna, I firmly believe they were truly meant for each other, which makes it safer for the rest of us.  Heff actually took like 2 days off from work so it must have been pretty serious.  Yours truly was also kind enough to grant them a rain check on his right to Prima Nocta.  I will collect on that the next time I make my way down to HBAG.  Again, happy day you wacky kids! 

Finally, a word from Jack Rebney on the content of this post:


  1. Lol. Slow news day in blogland, huh ?

  2. You knew we were gonna have to get this up here.

  3. So Heff finally did it. He shaved his head. Now that's a man with real balls, three in fact. Congrats to Heff and Donna at HBAG HQ.