Monday, January 20, 2014

Let Me Eat Cake

Yesterday we celebrated my 46th year on this Earth.  My birthday is actually today, the 20th, but who wants to do that shite on a Monday?  Here we have the cake and an idea of the kind of things I have to put up with here.  It's always light and festive.

Ahh, fun was had by all.  As for loot I was lucky enough to get these fine slipper things, a couple of Amazon gift cards and "NHL 14" for XBOX and also "Rocksmith 2014" for XBOX which I had wanted to try out.  Let's see how well I can do at this learning to play guitar, LOL.


ghunny said...

Happy Birthday Babe. Wish I had been there. Cake looks fricken awesome!

The Juice said...

Happy birthday Wil. Am about to update my own blog after a very hectic week. Check back soon, just not that soon lol.

Wil said...

"The Juice" I love that.