Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'll Mullet Over...

This is the kind of shit I get in my inbox (oh yesth) on a daily basis from my friend Heff.  This one was too good not to pass along, verbatim.

Dude, I just wrote auto insurance on a redneck that looks JUST. LIKE. YOU.

I SHIT YOU NOT - hat, bowling shirt, sweats,  and ALL.

When he walked in, I first thought you were pulling a surprise vacation fuckover visit on me.



You should really consider growing you a long one.

He looked QUITE powerful and attractive...... 

Not really a mullet but I still say this is my best look.  "Not necessarily stoned but, beautiful".  


Wil said...

Fuck, I don't think there are 4 pics of me in my 20s in existence. I know I had a mullet then and I can't find a single decent pic.

Heff said...

Let's see how many of your thousands of viewers recognize the Hendrix reference, lol.

Choleesa said...

Im "experienced".

Wil said...

Cho - I'll just bet you are.