Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Out Of 3 Is Bad!

Holy fucking balls of McClintock, this is frickin' brutal.  For those of you that missed this the other day, here is the vid of Mitt Romney at an Ohio rally joined onstage by Meatloaf, Randy Owen from Alabama and one of the guys from Big & Rich.  I don't know if it's Big or Rich and frankly I don't give a shit anyway.  To his/their credit, he was the best singer on the stage. 

They decided to sing a rousing rendition of "God Bless America" which went from bad to awful quickly.  I don't know if Randy Owen is singing a verse I've never heard before, making shit up or just plain fucking lost.  And then came The Loaf.  Oh my Lord, I can't even describe it, just watch and try and listen for yourself. 


  1. Oh.... my...God...they totally disrespected the song and as far as I am concerned the country.. and the fact Mitt stood there and allowed it..shows me he is a total fukktard

  2. Jesus! Democrat much? In Mitt's defense, what did you really expect him to do? He doesn't set these things up. He really did look totally uncomfortable and def realized that this was a shipwreck.

    I am quite sure that whatever staffer put this thing together was either fired or severely admonished for this debacle.

  3. I'm with Ghunny. Mitt's a total fucktard, and should have kicked the meat.

  4. 0.0!!! Heff... do you have a fever? You.. agreeing with a Democrat?!!! ::GASP:: I think I am goin to faint