Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Scanning through the "On Demand" the other day I came across this fine feature.  I immediately thought of Heff.  I also mused to myself that one of the stars is named "Aryana".  Go ahead, think about that for a minute.  Extra points also for Rachael Ray being in the corner of the screen. 

This is pretty much what I believe.  Actually it's exactly what I believe.

Once again, absolutely fucking not!  The thing that makes me even more queasy is where the guy is sitting that is taking the pic.  Out on the blade!  Of heckity fucks no!

Is this Heaven?  I'm thinking it's pretty damn close. I'll take my chocolate this way please, as opposed to 12 inches at a time.  LOLZ! 


Heff said...


There for a moment I thought Rachael Ray had joined the Dark Side.

Choleesa said...

Oh Will, I LOVE getting mine 12 inches at a time...wink wink....

Did you see that guy do the spacejump?? They showed his ass step out of his little cocoon, look down at the earth...and he jumped...made me fucking dizzy just to watch...I had to turn away, I did.

Wil said...

Heff - I figured you'd go right for that.

Choleesa - I can do that 12 inches for you but it's gonna take me 3 installments. I did see that dude, and I peed a little.