Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Out Of 3 Is Bad!

Holy fucking balls of McClintock, this is frickin' brutal.  For those of you that missed this the other day, here is the vid of Mitt Romney at an Ohio rally joined onstage by Meatloaf, Randy Owen from Alabama and one of the guys from Big & Rich.  I don't know if it's Big or Rich and frankly I don't give a shit anyway.  To his/their credit, he was the best singer on the stage. 

They decided to sing a rousing rendition of "God Bless America" which went from bad to awful quickly.  I don't know if Randy Owen is singing a verse I've never heard before, making shit up or just plain fucking lost.  And then came The Loaf.  Oh my Lord, I can't even describe it, just watch and try and listen for yourself. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Local" Celebrity Endorsements

Listen to the pipes on that gentleman right there.  Wil Harrison, he is the most interesting man in the world, that actually appears in this video. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art And Shit

Random things that blow around the corner onto Wil's Veranda.  I call this "Somewhere a Child Cries". The place for poignant, sometimes abstract commentary on life

Monday, October 22, 2012

He Got The Beat

I gotta give it to this Brazilian cabbie, that's pretty damn good.  He gets a little off key here and there but doing it a capella is not easy.  Next week maybe I'll post a vid of me singing, "The Greatest Love Of All" in my Caravan.  Now there's a special treat!  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Scanning through the "On Demand" the other day I came across this fine feature.  I immediately thought of Heff.  I also mused to myself that one of the stars is named "Aryana".  Go ahead, think about that for a minute.  Extra points also for Rachael Ray being in the corner of the screen. 

This is pretty much what I believe.  Actually it's exactly what I believe.

Once again, absolutely fucking not!  The thing that makes me even more queasy is where the guy is sitting that is taking the pic.  Out on the blade!  Of heckity fucks no!

Is this Heaven?  I'm thinking it's pretty damn close. I'll take my chocolate this way please, as opposed to 12 inches at a time.  LOLZ! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Winnebago Man Responds

Just got this in the mail today.

                                     Click To Enlarge

Ok, can anyone tell me what the fuck this says?  I know it says "Wil" at the top and then it is signed, "Jack Rebney, The Winnebago Man".  So what are the other 3/4 words?  I am pretty sure it is "something something help".  Then again I'm not sure.  Dammit Jack, you could have just had whomever addressed the cards write the shit too and then you could have signed it.  Oh well, I cherish it just the same, and shit.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Suicide Solution?

Did anybody happen to catch this Fox News debacle last week?  So much for that 5 second delay.  As soon as I heard about this I went to YouTube and got the raw video.  BEWARE - Yes, this is a video of someone shooting themself, what a shame.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For The Love Of Boo Berry

This morning I woke up to find this pleasant surprise sitting on my nightstand.  Yep, nothing like a delicious box of frickin' Boo Berry!  Apparently my nephew, Nick, stopped at the store this morning and saw these on the shelf and knew that I would want some.  Now as you might guess, there is a story behind this and yes, I'm gonna tell you all about it.

When I was a kid this was one of my fav cereals.  It was def my fav of the General Mills "monster" line which included Franken Berry and Count Chocula.  Just for your information, Franken Berry and Count Chocula were introduced in 1971 followed by Boo Berry in 1972.  Wil, the place for learning. 

13 years or so ago when I worked at the oil refinery one night me and a couple of the other guys somehow got on the topic of breakfast cereals and I brought up Boo Berry.  We laughed like men and commented on how you never seem to see it in the stores, only it's other 2 more popular brethren.  These are the kind of situations where Wil has become somewhat famous for getting things done.

I went home that morning and dialed into my AOL account (LOL) and started searching for Boo Berry.  I found the General Mills site then contact info and went to the phones!  Wil is truly the master of getting shit done.  They don't call me The Commander for nothing. 

I called General Mills and got ahold of someone in customer service.  I explained the story to her and asked her what could be done.  She explained to me that Boo Berry is only in certain markets/retailers, etc.  I told her this would not suffice!  I needed to deliver the goods.  So that morning I ordered a case of Boo Berry directly from the factory.  I can't recall how many boxes were in their case, I believe it was 8.  I think I paid something like $50 to have them shipped to my house.

As soon as they arrived a few days later I immediately poured myself a heaping bowl of goodness that would turn my milk and excrement that eye pleasing blue hue!  As I dug into it I found it just didn't seem to be quite as good as I remembered it.   How could this be possible, I loved this shit?  I felt just like I did when MTV aired the original "Speed Racer" episodes many years back and 12 minutes into the first episode I found myself saying, "Holy shit, I used to watch this crap?"

I kept 2-3 boxes for myself and brought the rest of them to the guys at work and a couple over to my nephews.  Laughs were shared and life went on.  Time is indeed a cruel thief.  I guess you really can't go back can you?