Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breaking The Law!

This past Monday afternoon I was sitting out on the veranda enjoying another pleasant late summer day here in suburban Chicago when my nephew Nick comes out and hands me my mail. He says to me, "Here's your ticket", to which I laugh. I look at the envelope, looking fairly official, and quickly tear into it only to find this:

Apparently I am a wanton, hardened criminal!  I guess according to the Tinley Park Police I was not able to bring my high powered '94 Dodge Caravan to a complete stop as I was getting ready to make a right turn at 4:59 in the morning.  For those wondering what I was doing out at that time, I was taking my brother-in-law to the workplace.  Here is a close-up of the offense in progress:

Oh the humanity!  The funny thing is I recall this morning and I remember the flash going off and my cunado and I remarking, "Hey, they're taking our picture!".  Bastards!

Well obviously knowing that I was in the right and surely had made a complete stop at least somewhere close to the line, I was slightly peeved.  How dare they try and go after me for $100!  Seeing off to the side it said you could go online and actually see a video of the crime in progress, to the computers I headed.

Ok fuckers, you got me, the check's in the mail. Sassafrassin' rassafrassin'!


  1.'s that big-brother liberalism workin' out for ya?


  2. Red usually means STOP!!! NOT pause till you think it is safe lol

  3. Cue Judas Priest intro and shots of Wil being thrown in the slammer ;-)

  4. "There Wil was completely wasting, out of work and DOWN".

    Ok, I'm stopping my lyrical tirade RIGHT THERE, lol.