Saturday, September 29, 2012

Axes Of Evil

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I took some pics of my current stable today outside cause guitars in the sun always seem to come out really cool. I just picked up the blue Strat the other day so I figured it was time for new glamour shots. Their beauty brings a tear to my eye.

 From L to R:

 '09 Minarik Lotus Studio Xtreme

 '99 Fender Stratocaster Am. Std. Hardtail (Aqua Marine Metallic)

 '80 Hamer Special

 '99 Fender Stratocaster Am. Std. Hardtail (Inca Silver)

 '82 Ibanez SB-70

Here's the new one all by itself.  When I got it it had the original white Fender pickups and knobs, etc.  I replaced the pickups with a set of Seymour Duncan YJM Furys and went with the black knobs and switch tip.  It just seems to make it pop better than just white on white.


  1. Stable... this is one stable I can appreciate you owning lolol (beautiful guitars babe.I can see why you got the new one)

  2. After seeing the SB in the sunlight, I'm thinking maybe it should stay BLUE, lol.

  3. Nice collection... you are clearly a hard tail man!

  4. G - Yes, they are.

    Heff - Still contemplating that?

    Furtheron - Yes, I certainly am

    Choleesa - Gracias