Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Pubic Service Message

Looks more like how to achieve vaginal pain. Would this be called the "pistol grip"? Is it just me or does this not look terribly uncomfortable with 4 fingers really digging in to this coo-coo? Well I guess if a head and body can come out... Also not terribly fond of the urethral opening being called the "ejaculation exit". Been there before, once.

But, in an effort to educate, and you may now amaze your friends, family and co-workers alike with your knowledge, for those of us who didn't know, the "G" in "G-Spot" stands for Grafenberg! (This might have been a record for commas in a sentence. I have no idea how and when I'm supposed to use this fucking thing - ";")

You're welcome. So endeth the lesson.


  1. Looks more like the correct grip to bowl a perfect strike at the 24 hour Bowl-O-Rama to me.....

  2. I shall print and leave on hubbys desk....
    So he can educate his fellow co-workers...

  3. George Orwell was convinced that the ; was pointless and from some point in the 40s never used them again.

  4. Heff - C'Mon!

    Gina - Yeah

    Choleesa - Yeah, his co-workers, LOL.

    Furtheron - Really, I have no clue what the rules are on that thing!