Saturday, September 29, 2012

Axes Of Evil

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I took some pics of my current stable today outside cause guitars in the sun always seem to come out really cool. I just picked up the blue Strat the other day so I figured it was time for new glamour shots. Their beauty brings a tear to my eye.

 From L to R:

 '09 Minarik Lotus Studio Xtreme

 '99 Fender Stratocaster Am. Std. Hardtail (Aqua Marine Metallic)

 '80 Hamer Special

 '99 Fender Stratocaster Am. Std. Hardtail (Inca Silver)

 '82 Ibanez SB-70

Here's the new one all by itself.  When I got it it had the original white Fender pickups and knobs, etc.  I replaced the pickups with a set of Seymour Duncan YJM Furys and went with the black knobs and switch tip.  It just seems to make it pop better than just white on white.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Pubic Service Message

A mind is a terrible thing to waste? Think of this men the next time you are frosting the comforter. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Misc Shite

Oh Yesth! 

Is that $600 for 1 square foot?  I bet they're nice people though.

Fun on Facebook.  Come on, think about it now.
Obama kicks ass! 

Well there you have it, just some odds and ends I had in my "Blog Fodder" folder.  Thank you again for your continued patronage, and shit. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tourette's Karaoke

Now I know it's not nice or proper to make fun of someone's afflictions or shortcomings but dammit, this is just plain fucking funny.  Hell, even he's laughing.  Tits! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick Ones

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Yeah, it took me a couple of seconds also. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breaking The Law!

This past Monday afternoon I was sitting out on the veranda enjoying another pleasant late summer day here in suburban Chicago when my nephew Nick comes out and hands me my mail. He says to me, "Here's your ticket", to which I laugh. I look at the envelope, looking fairly official, and quickly tear into it only to find this:

Apparently I am a wanton, hardened criminal!  I guess according to the Tinley Park Police I was not able to bring my high powered '94 Dodge Caravan to a complete stop as I was getting ready to make a right turn at 4:59 in the morning.  For those wondering what I was doing out at that time, I was taking my brother-in-law to the workplace.  Here is a close-up of the offense in progress:

Oh the humanity!  The funny thing is I recall this morning and I remember the flash going off and my cunado and I remarking, "Hey, they're taking our picture!".  Bastards!

Well obviously knowing that I was in the right and surely had made a complete stop at least somewhere close to the line, I was slightly peeved.  How dare they try and go after me for $100!  Seeing off to the side it said you could go online and actually see a video of the crime in progress, to the computers I headed.

Ok fuckers, you got me, the check's in the mail. Sassafrassin' rassafrassin'!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Here's some of the things that I've collected in my "Blog Fodder" folder over the past couple of weeks. I give them to you now in one stunning collection of assorted rabble.

Dude, really?  You couldn't be bothered to put a shirt over your rather masculine frame but maybe next time try and polish up that hot Jackson "whatever the fuck it is" before you try and sell it on the Craigslist.

I saw this on someone elses blog or Facebook the other day, can't recall right now.  Anyway, this was a really stupid idea/trend and it really is a shame.  Read the story here:  

Drowned Bride Couldn't Hold On Any Longer

This is just plain creepy, no other way to describe it. 

Diver's Mummified Body Found In Lake Michigan

Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Don't Know Jack

27 years ago on a hot summer day Jack Rebney hired a film crew and set out to make a promotional film for Winnebago. Things did not go swimmingly. Outtakes were compiled by the crew after the fact and circulated around on VHS tape for years until YouTube came along and Jack went viral as "The Angriest Man in America".  A few years later a filmmaker named Ben Steinbauer decided he would like to see if he could find this angry man which he finally did after months of searching in Northern California. The resulting documentary was released in 2010 entitled, "Winnebago Man". I did indeed see it and enjoyed getting to see the follow up of exactly who this man was/is. So many times we see videos and such and wonder, "did they live through that?" or "I wonder how they turned out after this?" or "where are they now?" It almost gives you some kind of "closure".

The thing that drew me to this "Winnebago Man" was that he reminded me of my late Father, who oddly enough died 3 years ago today. Many o' times you would hear a slew of expletives coming from the garage and the unmistakeable clang of metal tools and the like being flung across the floor or slammed on the workbench.  And yes, we had a Winnebago, LOL.

Now I'm not gonna go into a sob story about how my Father and I never really did see eye to eye and we were not very close.  It was what it was and there's no changing anything now. I do miss him alot. I did turn my Dad and my brothers on to the Winnebago Man vid a few years back and Dad did find it quite funny.  I told him it reminded me of him, I wonder if he saw that angle?  Enough of this now, let's get back to Jack.

Yesterday I got an email alert from the Winnebago Man film site saying that Jack had lost everything in the recent California Ponderosa wildfire.  Jack, now 82 years old and just about totally blind, was living and working as a caretaker at a hunting/fishing lodge or something like that.
You sometimes wonder why some people in this world come into your life if only for a brief moment and touch you in some way (knock it off fuckers, this is heartwarming shit).  Today I'm gonna send Jack a note telling him that for some strange reason that incredibly bad day he had back in 1985 in that hot Iowa sun touched me.  I'm gonna tell him that sometimes when I think everything has gone to hell I watch that 4+ minutes of pure comedy and it always makes me feel better here in my world, even if that was never his intention.  I'm gonna print out a picture of my official autographed by him movie poster and I'm gonna put $25 in cash in there to help him out.  I think he needs it more than I do right now.  Is it my way to redemption?  Will it make me feel better about myself?  Maybe.  Will Jack send me back a letter telling me to fuck off?  Maybe.  You just have to know Jack.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Pubic Service Message

Looks more like how to achieve vaginal pain. Would this be called the "pistol grip"? Is it just me or does this not look terribly uncomfortable with 4 fingers really digging in to this coo-coo? Well I guess if a head and body can come out... Also not terribly fond of the urethral opening being called the "ejaculation exit". Been there before, once.

But, in an effort to educate, and you may now amaze your friends, family and co-workers alike with your knowledge, for those of us who didn't know, the "G" in "G-Spot" stands for Grafenberg! (This might have been a record for commas in a sentence. I have no idea how and when I'm supposed to use this fucking thing - ";")

You're welcome. So endeth the lesson.