Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Fuckity Hecks No!

Dudes, if there's one thing I cannot deal with, it's heights.  That probably explains why I don't like to fly also.  Looking at this picture not only makes me dizzy it also makes me feel all swirly and shit in my lower gut/upper privacy area.  There is absolutely no way in frickin' hell I would ever even think about doing this.  No.

Now that I think about it, I will never be going to the Willis (Formerly Sears) Tower Skydeck either. I don't care if I weighed 87 pounds, there is no way I'm stepping out into a glass box hanging from the 103rd floor, 1,353 feet in the air. There is pretty much nothing you could give me to do this. Negative.

                               Oh go to hell little girl!  


  1. Hey!! I have pics of my son doing all those antics on the top of the Sears Tower just last year! And for the record he weighed 90 lbs at that time....just sayin...

  2. Although flying doesn't bother me at all, heights in general DO, including these pictures.

  3. Im right there with you...I can fly, and I can do roller coasters....but I cannot look over the rail on the second story at the mall....if my kids walk too close to the rail, I actually FEEL myself falling...

  4. I'm with you ... however I'm sort of ok if inside - like top of the Prudential tower in Boston, inside, no problem... Top of Empire State when exposed to the elements - not good... odd but that is me.