Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Solitare Till Dawn, Deck Of 51

Aight, so I really have nothing here, just some miscellaneous shite.  I just spent like 30 minutes working on a diatribe about cigarette taxes but decided against posting that, just wasn't doing it for me.  So here's some shite!

What in the hell is going on in this pic?  There's just all kinds of craziness here.  I'm not sure what the photographer was going for here but I hope he found it.

Here is what I do when I'm sitting around and have nothing better to do with my time.  The sad fact here is this was like the ninth picture I took before I got one I liked.  Yeah, and this was the best of them. 

I figured out tonight that I can take a screen shot of my phone.  Stay tuned for some fine wallpaper offerings from Wil on this one.  This would be of the generic variety just for example sake. 

My beloved White Sox have won 8 in a row, sweeping the Indians and the Rays in their midst, like so much garbage.

Finally, here's a little gadget I picked up the other day cause I tend to buy things like this.  You can just never have too much information.


  1. I bought my brother a gadget like that a couple of birthdays back... except the temperature was shown by a graphic of a lady when cold she was full clothed and as it got hotter she ended up resembling the young lady modeling in the picture above.... Oh look some aliens too... ;-)

  2. ....currently scouring the web for the gadget Furtheron mentioned....

  3. Okay, I wanna know how to do the screen shot thingy....

  4. Mave - Try hitting the power button and the home button at the same time, that should do it. You might have to do it a couple of times to catch it just right.

  5. I was given one of those weather things fo rmy 50th birthday a couple of years back and I love it. I'm constantly checking it and boring the wife adn kids with weather details. It's always correct too. Yawns...

  6. Yes, if there's one area where I am actually "geeky", it's stuff like this. I love numbers and statistics and the like. I must have accurate info and full reports at all times!