Friday, December 9, 2011

Throw Me A Penny And I'll Make You A Dream

This is definitely worth your time to go and check these out:

The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2011

And now on a less serious like note:

Here's a great story from the local news:

Wheeling man in 'erectile pump' case getting treatment

How about a video? Yeah, check this out:

Wow, aren't you glad you watched that?

So there you go, a potpourri of shite for your weekend. My best to you all.


Furtheron said...

nice wah wah - I have a Vox and swear by them... also she fingers the rift the way I do but... not how Pagey does he uses open strings I believe - well someone saw me play it and said "WTF are you doing playing it like that!" I blamed a classical guitar education ;-)

The Dental Maven said...

Now, if the penis-enlarger dude hadn't involved Medicare, we'd simply be calling him "an innovative entrepreneur."

Heff said...

Nice to see that Yoko Ono is still ruining music for everyone.

ghunny said...

Got your *re-gift* Heff. too friggin funny. I just near peed myself from deep guffawing!

Heff said...

Just NOW ? Damn, I mailed that on the SECOND.

%$#^&*!#$ Postal Service !!!

Wil said...

Furtheron - I play it that way also.

Mave - I too was impressed with his ingenuity.

Heff - Yeah, those wacky Asians.

G and Heff - Regifting of "intimate" items is kind of nasty.

The Dental Maven said...

Caps finally beat a team that has a better points average than them. Perhaps there is a God.

Have a good weekend Wil!