Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paging Dr. Maven, Dr. Maven...

Ow God Dammit this frickin' hurts! As you can see, the left side of my face (the right side as you're looking at this) is all kinds of swollen up, more so than usual (fat!). Sunday morning I noticed a little pain in my cheek (oh yesth) and knew what was coming. Abscess time! As my sister is an amateur pharmacist I was able to score some amoxicillin and the battle was on! Throw in Elvis sized doses of Ibuprofen and we've been battling it out ever since then.

It hurt like 4 kinds of motherfuckers for a good 24 hours or so then I woke up late Monday afternoon from a short sleep and discovered I had no pain. And when I say short sleep I mean just that. Whenever I am sick I don't like to lay down, I have to be sitting up. I call it "The Defensive Mode". Just like whenever I have to throw up, which is a rarity, I have to do it in the sink, not in the toilet. But that's a story for another day.

So for the past day and a half I've literally been sitting on the side of my bed with a flannel throw wrapped around me watching bad TV. I've fallen asleep numerous times in that span but I've managed to not fall forward or back. There have been some close calls though, it's actually quite comical. Wil is a Master of sleeping sitting up.

As of this writing I am in minimal pain, just still quite swollen. I noticed that the lump or mass if you will has now moved from the high cheek area down into the lip and gum area. I am not a Dentist, but I've played one in the bedroom (WTF?) and I am guessing at the height of the pain it must have been pushing against a/the sinus cavity or something. I just don't know. I will report back later with the exciting outcome.

And now, if you would kindly refer to the comments section, I have a feeling that we are about to get schooled by an actual Dental Health professional, which is pretty cool.


  1. Holy MOLARS, Wil! What's the plan here???

  2. Ooooh Wil. No good dude. Gottat get to the dentist STAT!

  3. Mave - That's it? Really? What, do I have to pay for a better comment/analysis? Paypal? LMAO!

    Candy - I am medicating as I said. If I had gone to a Dentist they would have told me that they couldn't do anything with it until the infection went away and they would have given me a script for Amoxicillin and Ibuprofen. I'm one step ahead of them, I'll go when it's diminished.

    At least I think that's what I should do, I was kind of waiting for this temptress of a Dentist that comes in here once in awhile to give her opinion.

  4. Awwww Wils...I knew you were expecting a diatribe, so I held back :~). Anyhoo. I'm at work now and I have an opening at 2:00 with your name written all over it. Get yer keister over here!!

  5. "...and I have an opening at 2:00 with your name written all over it." - Shut the fuck up Heff, I know the wheels are turning. Then again, what does that say about me?

  6. Like they say in your neck of the woods: "Do sumfin bout dat toof yo!?

  7. Heff - I so know you, oh yesth.

    Bobby - I am pretty sure absolutely no one around here talks like that. LOLZ