Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong ILL, And Other Shite

The world will surely be mourning the death of the enigmatic North Korean President, Kim Jong Il, who checked out at the age of 69. Huh, let's see what happens next in this hotbed of freedom and civil rights. I'm thinking not a lot, but ya never know. See you later there Kim, I loved you in Team America: World Police.

Wil is headed off to the Dentist today after having successfully knocked out the abscess that plagued him most of the week. Tooth #12, your time is up biotch! I will be in the chair at 1:30 PM CST, think of me fondley, oh yesth!

I'll take a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for checking from behind please

The Blackhawks ran their winning streak to 5 straight as they pounded the Calgary Flames 4-2 Sunday night at The UC. They now have the most points of any team in the league and oh, Detroit still sucks. Speaking of 5 and a game misconduct, the victory did not come cheap as Defenseman Brent Seabrook got taken out of the game by Rene Bourque.

They are actually good friends in real life and I really don't think Rene meant to injure him, nothing really malicious here. We shall see how long Seabrook is lost for in the next day or so as right now he is just listed with the old "upper body injury".

And just to show you that Wil is a real Blackhawks fan, here's your sign...

This pic also serves as a hair, and now beard growth official update, much to Heff's chagrin. Just to remind everyone of our goal, here is what we are shooting for:

Fucking LOLZ! Have a nice day peeps!


  1. shooting for the look on the right or the left??

  2. Yeah, that's where I was heading with this. That bear's got a TON of body hair. Not sure you can pull that look off, or if you should even want to.....

  3. That would be the left you weenies.

    As Heff knows, mostly, Wil's body hair is only on his head. Once you get south of the chest, which only has about 73 hairs total, there is basically nothing, AS FAR AS HAIR. Wasn't about to leave that statement open.

  4. you may find this amusing... it is addictive...