Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Every Picture Tells A Story, Don't It?

Today for you I have a few random photos and 1 video clip just for the hell of it.  Enjoy.

My youngest nephew Ryan walked up to my door with our niece Jocelyn yesterday and fell into this pose for no reason. Jocelyn looks totally bewildered, as was I but it was funny as hell. "God, why hast thou forsaken me!?"

Yes, Christmas is right around the corner. Tonight Ryan and I went out and got all of the rest of the supplies for our massive Christmas feast/party that we're having this year. I am actually looking forward to Christmas for the first time in many o' moons. Here's a shot of Wil on Christmas Day, 1973. God I loved that purple suit thing!

Speaking of Christmas, as was referenced a few times on this blog in the last week or two, this makes me seriously LOL every time:

Just for reference, in the words of Heff, "This is where the magic happens".

Here's a couple of assbags that have nothing better to do with their time. Truly sad.

The Blackhawks defeated the Montreal Canadiens tonight 5-1 at The UC. The last time I looked Detroit (sucks) was losing to Vancouver late in the 3rd so that is also a good thing.

Wil's awesome head of hair continues to grow at an alarming rate.

If I don't make it back this way before then, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and what not to all.


Furtheron said...

love the first one... doesn't that sum up how many parents feel at times?

Happy whatever-floats-your-boat to you

The Dental Maven said...

Love the pic of the young and dapper Wil!

But, the "magic" only happens in one location??? tsk tsk.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Wil and Gina!

Wil said...

Furtheron - Agnostic much? LOLZ

Mave - Of course the magic happens in many locales and in various varieties. I was just showing a pic of "Magic Central".

Heff said...

Off topic, but the Cassius Clay pic is KILLING ME here !!!

Heff said...

Does my comment in the vid chat pic say "Can't see myself, this P.O.S. must've played out" ??


Wil said...

Heff - Yeah, the Ali pic makes me chortle and guffaw my own damn self. And yes, that's what it says, DRUNK!