Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cbox Returns!

Yeah, this place is looking more and more like 2005 all the time. I swear to God I'm not putting that damn "Top Commenters" or "commentators" widget back up though, you have to draw the line somewhere. Anyway, if you'll look to the right and down a little bit you'll see the Chat, which I believe I used to call it "TOL Message Board" back in the day. I always kind of thought of it more as a message board I think cause it's not like people were actually sitting there chatting in real time, it was more just for posting random thoughts etc., that didn't pertain to an actual post. But, if you look back through the history, you'll see that peeps were actually chatting occasionally. Oh well, have at it bitches.


The Dental Maven said... do I write something here or in the CBox? DON'T CONFUSE THE MAVEN!!!

Anywho...Here's to Wil's new, um, er, "Box!"

Wil said...

Mave - And we love your box too. In a perfect world, your comments and thoughts about a particular post and it's content would go here in the comments section. The Chat would be for all other type banter and off-topic discussion such as hockey talk and general hilarity. Feel free to use both, and like it.

The Dental Maven said...

Why, thank you Wil, for the Commenting and Boxing tutorial. The Mave is much obliged. :~)

Heff said...

Fuck, my password STILL WORKED !!