Sunday, November 20, 2011

Train Roll On...

As mentioned the other day, Wil had to head downtown into the city Friday to take care of some bidness. Not one to pass up good blog fodder, he took along his trusty Zoom Q3 to document the journey.

7:40 AM - Gots to buy me a ticket. $4, what a bargain!

7:55 AM - The train will be here any minute. Wil will be taking the Metra Electric line from Blue Island to Millenium Station.

8:30 AM - Wil is enjoying his first ride on public transportation since he was 12. If it didn't stop every damn 4-6 blocks it would have been a little more exciting.

9:20 AM - Wil enters (oh yesth) the big city.

12:25 PM - Wil is done with his bidness and is ready to head back to suburbia. Holy frickin' wind tunnel Batman!

1:25 PM - On the train headed back home after a successful mission. All is well.

So there you have it. Wil ventured downtown and made it back home without a hitch. Now some might be thinking "What's the big deal?", "Why is Wil so incredibly hot?" or "Don't you ever go downtown?", etc. The answers are, it's not that big of a deal really, he is truly a God among men, and no, I really never go downtown. I live about 6-7 miles out the Chicago city limits but yet I rarely go there and going "downtown" is a whole 'nother deal.

I've been downtown plenty of times, especially back in my 20s for work, to go to clubs or business affairs and the like but God it's been a good 12 or so years since I've actually been back. Even when I go to see my beloved Blackhawks at The UC or White Sox at The Cell that isn't really "downtown" in what is known as "The Loop". I think what made the trip exciting/angst ridden was the fact that I was not driving myself down there which Wil is not used to being without his own vehicle, at the mercy of someone else. But in this case even I knew that public transit was the best way to go as it cost me all of $8 round-trip and the station was not more than a block from where I had to go. Not to mention the aggravation of battling traffic in the morning rush, gas and the exorbitant parking fees. Hell, it probably would have cost at least $20-$40 dollars just for parking! F that!

So that's why Wil chose Metra, "The Way To Really Fly". Hmm, that went so well maybe I'll have to go back again just for the hell of it.


  1. Makes me misty for my beloved CHI! You were a stones throw away from my usual Hotel spot on W. Wacker!!!!

  2. And also, just to trump Heff, cause I know he would be all over this like a bum on a ham sandwich:

    You said "Wacker!"

  3. So did the test say you were pregnant or not?

  4. No, this time the results said "You are NOT the Father".

  5. Thank God. I knew it had to be Heff's baby.

  6. Yes, but for the record I didn't say "wanker." ...Oh, wait...I just said it, didn't I...

  7. Damn. Late to the party and missed a Wacker....Although for the record, it looked like there were more than a few of 'em on the train.