Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Eyes Are Blind, But I Can See

In case you missed the big, official announcement on Friday, National Metal Day, we have the link for you here, direct from Black

Black Sabbath!

The original lineup of Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill are getting back together to do their first studio album and tour in 33 years. Whilst I am intrigued by this I am saddened that probably the main reason this is going to happen, at least now, is due to the death of Ronnie James Dio last year.

Let's see, I saw Ozzy on his "Bark At The Moon" tour back in '84 (?) and I also saw Black Sabbath on their "Born Again" tour with Ian Gillan about the same time. And of course I saw the Heaven and Hell lineup when they came through here in '07. So no, I've never seen them together. I did have the opportunity to see them back in '98 when they did that short tour but I had just started a new job and they absolutely would not let me go that night, and I tried everything to get out of it.

I guess I better get ready to see them when they come around, these cats ain't getting any younger.  Road trip Heff?  


  1. Don't know yet.

    SURELY THIS line-up will "crack the Bible Belt", lol.

  2. I heard about this this morning...AWESOME.

  3. Heff - Yes, one would think so.

    Kimberly - You can go with Heff and I when they come around.

  4. Wow Wil, love the new digs! Well, maybe their not so new....The Mave's been out of circulation for a while... :-)

  5. Hammersmith Odeon on the Technical Ecstasy tour... wasn't a great gig...

    Saw the Dio line up with Bill Ward at one of the last gigs he played before leaving at the same venue... absolutely brilliant!!!

    Saw Heaven and Hell at Sonisphere a couple of years back... black clouds, heavy rain and the one of the greatest performances ever - they were epic! Dio - RIP... to be honest I preferred the Dio line up, I know that is almost verboten but it is what I think

  6. Yes! I too preferred the Dio fronted Sabbath myself.