Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've Had This Taste In My Mouth Before

Well happy Thursday everyone. Feel free to start your day with this Journey demo featuring original singer Robert Fleischman. Wow, that's a whole different band without Steve Perry huh? I'm not sure if I like this or not, definitely doesn't have the commercial flare of Perry.

Today is Wil's big shopping and TCB day. He has many stops to make and by the time he gets back home he will literally have completely run through his generous stipend that the State of Illinois sees fit to give him every 2 weeks. I went out and got a new exhaust system put on the old Caravan today as it had started to get a little loud in the last couple of days. Figured I better get that problem taken care of before it got out of hand and such.

The Blackhawks visit Florida tonight for their first meeting of the season with Dale Tallon's much improved Panther club. They'll continue the Florida thing tomorrow night when they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Wil is currently laundering his bed linens and when I get through with that I think I'll wrestle the old Stratocaster for an hour or so. Over.


  1. Fuck, I like that version BETTER.

    Schon really cemented down how he wanted that solo, huh ?

  2. Are you wearing your maid's uniform? :)

  3. Hey ! Wil only wears that for ME!!!