Thursday, November 17, 2011


Wil reaches into his Folder O' Fun and pulls out these fine offerings.  Enjoy. 

Well she certainly looks like a nice girl.

Woman Jailed In Bizarre Sex-Related Stabbing

WGN Morning News fill-in weatherman Jim Ramsey has one of his best days ever.  

Wow, she must really be a fan of British Broadcasting. That's nice.

And finally in local news:

The Blackhawks spanked the hated Vancouver Canucks tonight 5-1 in Vancouver.

Wil cooked (heated up) an On-Cor 5 Cheese Lasagna tonight that he bought in the 2 for $6 deal last week with the Lasagna Italiano also from your friends at On-Cor. I'm gonna go with the 5 Cheese was a little bit better than the Italiano, but the sauce seemed a little cheaper, if that's even possible.

Big News! - Tomorrow Wil is going to board a commuter train (for the first time in about 31 years) and go into downtown Chicago for some bidness. Maybe I will bring along my handy ZOOM Q3 and document some of the lowlights. This might be fun, or it might be a shipwreck.


  1. FIRST !

    I enjoyed doling out a sex related stabbing last night mydamnself. C'mon !

  2. ba dum bum....SECOND! All I have to say is "DA BEARSSSS"

  3. Oooooooo! The BIG CITY!!! Say hi to my dental pals on E. Chicago Ave for me!

  4. Heff - Yes, but did Donna enjoy it?

    JLee - "JLee, 2 minute minor penalty for totally not in the post reference at 8:47"

    Mave - I will, and will tell them you sent me. Then we will talk about you, probably inappropriately, and like it.

  5. "I did my beh-uh-est
    But I guess my best wasn't good enough,

    'Cause here we are back
    where we were before...."

  6. "Seems nothing ever changes, we're back to being strangers
    Wondering if we oughta stay, or head on out the door"

    I fucking love that song, and FU if you don't or think it unmanly of me. That tune rules.

    When you were done did you drive away in a pink Caprice wagon, Gary?

  7. And yes, I just had to open the media player and I am listening to it right now, and I am feeling a little vulnerable and perhaps weepy.

  8.'s probably just your cycle starting....

  9. Yes, but not from where I live, that would be a fortune.

  10. "Inappropriately??" Yup....that'd definitely make the dental newsletter! LOL!!

  11. Uh huh, I've heard talk of the dental newsletter with their gossip section and their monthly pictorials such as "Deep Down In Your Amalgam" and "Dentin This" and whatnot.

  12. Actually, it's under the heading of "Women on Top." ;~D