Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cain Is Able, Say It Ain't So Joe

Well, what a day in the news huh?  Actually it's more like the last few days in the news.  And as usual, it's all about sex.

They seem to just keep coming forward to accuse old Herman don't they? I believe he's up to like 3-4 accusers now.  Of course he has denied any and all wrongdoing and says that all of these accusations are completely false. That always seems hard to believe that that many people would just make all of this stuff up. The media is now going after every tidbit of dirt they can find on these accusers which is par for the course. I do have to say that I love the one report that he attempted to direct the woman's head down to his crotch area and said, "You want the job don't you?" Classy! Will Herman be able to survive these accusations? Will the accusers be discredited? Can I get an Amen!?

Now on the other hand, we have the Penn State case. If you haven't heard anything about this it basically comes down to one of the assistant coaches (Gerald Sandusky) has been molesting, fondling and even raping young boys, some as young as 7-8, since the 90's. So far 8 or so victims have come forward and I am quite sure there are gonna be many more. This guy, innocent until proven guilty mind you, seems like a really sick mofo.

The problem here that has made this into such a huge scandal is it seems a lot of people knew about this, possibly all the way up to the University President, and they proceeded to cover it up.  As of this writing, Coach Joe Paterno, who has coached the Nittany Lions for the past 107 years (actually since 1966), has been fired.  At age 84 he had announced earlier in the week that he would retire at the end of this season but the Penn State trustees saw fit to retire him Wednesday night, which was the right move as he has already openly admitted that he knew about what was going on and didn't "do enough" to stop it.

Now, for some really interesting reading, and some of this is pretty graphic and quite disturbing, go and check out the Grand Jury's Investigation report against  Gerald Sandusky below.  Yeah.

Sandusky Grand Jury Presentment

Now, in other happier news, let's go to some quick bullet points and wrap this up.

Watching Jay Leno last night and they did an episode of Jaywalking where they ask random people random questions that most all of us should know. Yes, Richard Nixon was the President during The Civil War. I continue to weep for America.

That On-Cor Lasagna Italiano was indeed edible the other night. It was all of about 1 inch thick but it did eat good.

Wil went to the poverty dentist Wednesday which is always fun. $50 out the door for an extraction, can't beat that!

The Blackhawks travel to beautiful Columbus, OH to take on the Blue Jackets tonight. The Hawks have been on a really bad streak lately losing their last 3 games.  A team with this much talent has the absolute worst power play in the entire league? UNACCEPTABLE! Let's get this ship righted men.

Speaking of hockey and to finish yet another fine post, check out this bout from Tuesday night featuring Tanner Glass of the Winnipeg Jets versus Cody McCormick of the Buffalo Sabres. Wow!


  1. I saw Jaywalking, and I think THAT was the most disturbing thing in your entire post.

  2. I would have pulled your tooth for $45. You must be single right? Frozen lasanga? Just saying.

  3. Heff - Yeah, it just might be.

    Kimberly - I am currently doing some bachelor living as my wife and I are in different locales.