Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!


I will not be participating my own damn self but to those out today, hey, enjoy that. And while you're out, stop by your neighborhood Little Caesar's location for the $5 "Hot N Ready" special cause it totally rocks, as you can see. Me, I think I'll just stay at home today, I've had a a bit of a headache this morn.

Blackhawks Vs Ducks today at 3 PM on WGN.  This road trip has been a frickin' shipwreck thus far at 1-3, let's get it together men.  

Ya know, I decided last night that I'm gonna let my hair grow out for the first time in like 15 years.  I wonder if I can get it to do this again? 

Maybe the question should be, do I really want to?  God it did so kick ass though.  I of course still have the necessary follicle count to pull it off so why not, I've got nothing better to do?  

Aight peeps, we'll let this one stay up for a few days and I will craft another masterpiece for Tuesday or something like that.  If you can't get enough of The Commander you can also find me on Twitter and shite like that, links in the right sidebar you lazy bastards. 

Till then...


  1. Please don't shame me in the hair growth department, I BEG OF YOU !!

  2. What is it with men and their follicles??

  3. Heff - You will be shamed, and like it!

    Dental Raven - When you don't have a lot to boast about, you go with what ya got.

  4. :-) Well said, Wil. And by the by...the Hawks came out with a win today (yay!) and the Caps just caved to the Rags (boooo).

  5. Mave - Yes, well I was hoping for, "That's all you've got my ass! You are a hot, strapping buck and I would give anything to be enslaved by you and your firm, yet guiding hand as I am completely lost in your machismo, wit and pretty much everything else that is you. Please come and take anything you want from my nude, quivering flesh right now."

    Wait, that was Heff's email to me from last week, never mind. Your sentiments are also appreciated.

  6. Wait...did I know that, about you and Heff? Well, the saying goes...all the good ones are gay.

  7. Wil ?!?!?!

    How COULD YOU ?!?!?

  8. Hey, I said I RECEIVED an email, I didn't say I was reciprocating. Besides, I'm kind of a bad boy anyway, that's the way Heff likes 'em. Dammit, there I go again.

  9. Ohh...that is good stuff. Sunset Strip here we come!