Monday, October 31, 2011

See You In Hell My Friend!

I'm not really a big Halloween type but as long as we are here lemme give to you all a link to what they say is the most haunted place in the world!  And Wil has actually been there a couple of times back in his younger days! 

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois is indeed a creepy frickin' place. I remember going there once or twice with my Dad back in the 70's in the daytime to collect beer cans (LOL) but the fun times were back in the mid 80's when we would go out there at nighttime to drink and smoke left handed cigarettes. We all knew the stories and had heard a couple of friends of ours describe being held down by some unknown force and beaten with a belt or some shite like that. Yeah, do another hit dude. Did I ever actually see anything? I do have to admit I did see the mysterious blue light off in the distance that no one can explain the origin of. Ooh, scary kids!

The place has been overrun and most all of the tombstones broken and tipped over since I can remember. It really is a shame to think that some people are actually buried there in what is pretty much a forgotten cemetery outside of the haunting and paranormal buffs.

Go and check it out, if you dare!



Heff said...

I don't think the "residents" will give a damn....

Wil said...

Oh but they do! That's why the place is haunted!