Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy New Guitars Day!

Well we've added two more to the stable and got one back from refinishing as noted in my previous post.  First up is my new Minarik Lotus Studio Extreme in Orange Burst.  This is a fantastic guitar, plays really nice and has some dirty ass pickups in it.  I've been looking at these for well over a year now and finally decided to grab one for a good price that I found on the Milwaukee Craigslist.  I drove up there this past Wednesday and I've been playing the shite out of it since then.

I have to say it does take some getting used to though.  I've never owned a Les Paul type guitar so it does seem kind of foreign to me.  I am used to resting my hand on the bridge a lot and this guitar has a Tune-A-Matic bridge so I have to adjust from my usual style.  It has a pretty fat neck to it and it has to be the loudest guitar unplugged I've ever had also.  It almost sounds like an acoustic, LOL.   Needless to say I am really diggin' this guitar.

Next up is my beloved Ibanez SB-70.  If you look at my previous post you'll see a bit of the story of it's refinishing.  It is now a dark blue which really came out very nice.  I've got all new pots, switches and input jack from Stew-Mac sitting here, just have to get it put back together.  The cream colored pickups and knobs are gonna look very nice on this when it's complete. 

And finally, the comic relief portion of the stable, the Disney by Washburn Hannah Montana.  Yes, this is real 3/4 scale guitar that actually plays and sounds pretty decent.  I bought this as a goof, or to possibly quell my forbidden lust for Miley Cyrus, I'm not sure.


  1. Really diggin' the star inlays in the Hannah Montana. Are they Pearl ? lol.

  2. Yes, and so is your necklace.