Friday, May 6, 2011

The Best Of The Story

Here's one from the vault that I'm pretty sure has never been seen before. I got into a groove back on Christmas Day of '08 and decided to tell some of my classic comedic family stories. The tape was rolling...

Because of the poor audio, lemme give you a basic rundown of just what the hell I was talking about:

Start - 00:46 - Wil had to run down to work for an hour or so one day and left his nephew at his house with potatoes baking in the oven.

00:46 - 01:28 - Wil returns home to find that somehow a BB had been shot through his window, and he just happens to own a BB gun.

01:28 - 03:21 - Wil takes his nephew downstate for a court appearance and instructs him to stay in the motel room.

03:21 - End - Wil fondly remembers his '79 Dodge Omni that he used for work.

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