Monday, May 23, 2011

I've Got Wood!

OMG!  Does this not look frickin' cool!?  This is my '82 Ibanez SB-70 that I sent down to Alabama to be refinished by Heff's Custom Oddities.  The color is Deep Ocean by Minwax.  I've never seen an SB-70 in any other color but a "wood" color and that's what we were going for with this one, something different.  I might be picking this up in person in the next couple of days.  God Damn!

(Click on pics for full effect)

And it started like this...

I will document the full restoration in another post soon. Can't wait to get my hands on this!

UPDATE! 11/08/11 - For all of you who came here via searching for Ibanez, and Minwax Deep Ocean, etc. This guitar was actually done with a blue Sharpie marker. Yep, you read that right. Here is my excerpts from a guitar forum I'm on:

You're gonna love this one! The blue was actually done by hand with a blue Sharpie marker. Yes, a Sharpie. Originally we had picked out the Minwax Deep Ocean but he said when he tried it out it was just way too pale. He then told me not to ask him how he did it until I saw the finished product, and this is what he sent me. I am not sure of the finish coats, I just sent him an email and I'll get back to this when he responds.

From Heff's Custom Oddities:

Permanent marker color of choice on guitar, worked in (smeared to a smooth finish) using rubbing alcohol on a cloth to remove pen lines, coat with DEFT(tm) High Gloss Lacquer to taste.

Oh yeah - if someone is SERIOUSLY thinking of using my Custom Oddities By Heff guitar finish method, tell them after sanding the current finish off the guitar to FIRST stain it using black WATER BASED stain, then lightly sand that off to help accentuate the natural grain lines in the wood, THEN use the pen method.

Thanks for coming to Wil, check out the rest of the site whilst you're here. Rock On!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Chronicaster

Dammit!  Why didn't we ever think about building one of these all those nights in Mandziak's basement?  We could have combined two of our favorite things!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun With Facebook

Here's a sampling of the kind of damage Wil does on Facebook on a daily basis. No wonder why no one wants to friend me.

One day my pic is gonna show up on one of these, I just know it.

Wil has major thread count.

"Hammer Of Love", that was my 3rd album.

Sometimes they need reminding.

And finally, unsolicited endorsements are always appreciated. Thanks Mike!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Best Of The Story

Here's one from the vault that I'm pretty sure has never been seen before. I got into a groove back on Christmas Day of '08 and decided to tell some of my classic comedic family stories. The tape was rolling...

Because of the poor audio, lemme give you a basic rundown of just what the hell I was talking about:

Start - 00:46 - Wil had to run down to work for an hour or so one day and left his nephew at his house with potatoes baking in the oven.

00:46 - 01:28 - Wil returns home to find that somehow a BB had been shot through his window, and he just happens to own a BB gun.

01:28 - 03:21 - Wil takes his nephew downstate for a court appearance and instructs him to stay in the motel room.

03:21 - End - Wil fondly remembers his '79 Dodge Omni that he used for work.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sex Sells?

(Click To Enlarge)

Has anyone else noticed how popular this is becoming on eBay lately?  I know in my guitar searches I am seeing this more and more.  There is one guy on there that uses his girlfriend (?) to hawk like every guitar he is selling.  And here she is:

(Click To Enlarge, the pic that is)

Now I'm not saying I have a problem with this cause for some reason I feel compelled to click on them every time. But, if you're going to advertise this way at least have them modeling the guitar you're actually selling.   I mean, in the top pic it's actually amplifiers that they're selling.  Then again, they did get me to click on them.  OK, I really have no case here, carry on with your daily lives.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The (No) Pepsi Challenge

Most all of my friends, family and fans that know me personally know that I could stand to lose 10 or 400 pounds.  Yeah.  My single biggest problem is my passion for Pepsi.  Yes, I am one of those people.

It all started back in January of '01 when the oil refinery I worked at closed down and I started searching night and day for a new job.  I would scour the classifieds and all of the job agencies and online listings all day long determined not to be forced into poverty.  Not being a coffee drinker (I have never drank a single cup of coffee in my life) I turned to something I did like, Pepsi.  As some of you would drink coffee, I drank Pepsi, all day and night.  This trend has pretty much continued ever since then.  I never thought that people could actually be addicted to Pepsi or soft drinks like you could cigarettes or alcohol and the like but it really does happen. 

To sum this up, this addiction has done nothing (positive) for my teeth or my equat...waistline.  So, I have come up with a challenge for myself in an attempt to be a healthier person and some would say to justify acquiring more gear. 

As of May 1st, I have stopped drinking Pepsi and all soft drinks.  I will from here on out only drink water or sometimes milk when called for.  If I can make it to June 1st, I have decided that I deserve one of the following:

Fender Am. Std. Telecaster

Fedner Mustang IV Amplifier

Now mind you, I am not entering this challenge to do it for a month, reward myself, then pop open a 2 liter.  This is a definite lifestyle change that I am trying to embark on.  The gear is just a little carrot to provide for good sportsmanship and good blog fodder.  In all reality I'll probably get these eventually anyway, LOL.  But what the hell, let's make it look good!