Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eBay Watching - Ibanez SB-70

Well peeps, here's one item currently in Wil's eBay Watch folder. On eBay I have my "saved searches" that are emailed to me daily which I peruse to see if there's anything that catches my eye for one reason or another. Items that strike my fancy are saved to my folder where I check on them here and there to see how much that item is selling/sold for or if perhaps I might "need" to acquire said item for myself. It's all very scientific you know. So, here's what we're watching as of right this minute.

Ibanez SB-70

Here we go again, this guitar and I have history. Let's see if we can keep this short. Back in the summer of '82 I traded a '77 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail straight up at Midlothian Music for one of these '82 Ibanez SB-70s. Yes, I was young and stupid and old Ron Lekavich saw me coming! Anyway, I kept the guitar as my main player for the next year or so until I got something else and the Ibanez just kind of sat around. This continued until fall of '93 when I traded it off for a Washburn right before I moved back to Chicago from Detroit.

Fast forward to a year or so ago when I started going through a nostalgic period and really started getting back into the whole guitar and music thing again. I set off on some strange crusade to right all previous wrongs and get back some of my youth, including some of those "Guitars Of The Past", many of which were unceremoniously sold off to pay bills or other adult like pursuits and dilemmas.

It took me a long time to first of all find out exactly what it was. They only made them in 1982 and they only made like 300 or so of them. It was a transition model for Ibanez, made out of leftover "Studio" bodies and "Blazer" necks.  The only thing it says on the headstock is "Ibanez, Custom Made, Electric Guitar".  Yeah, try searching the internet with that!

The old and the "new" 

Once I finally found out exactly what it was, the search was on!  After a couple of months or so I found one on eBay and got it for $245 shipped to my door.   It was in good shape, had been refinished but did not have the original knobs.  Don't even get me started on the knobs!  These early 80s Ibanez "Sure-Grip" knobs can go on eBay for almost $100 A PIECE!  Yeah, unbelievable. 

So to finally wrap this up, so much for keeping it short, these are great guitars.  They are solid, no frills, the necks are excellent and the Ibanez Super 70s pickups are awesome.  This one that I am watching is in England and is definitely a tad overpriced, at least if it were for sale here in America.  Guitars and such do command a higher price overseas.  I will not be bidding on this one but I do enjoy watching any time one of these old friends go on the market.


Mark Sendra said...

I once traded in a Gibson Les Paul Studio for an Ibanez RG series, all because I thought I needed the whammy bar. I still twitch when I think about it!

Wil said...

Yeah, that kind of sucks Mark. The folly of youth!

Anonymous said...

Guess what...I also traded in a Ibanez SB 70 years ago for a Ibanez Musician bass. At that time I had no idea it was a SB 70, I only knew it was a Ibanez. I've been looking for years on the internet to get it back and I also found out it's quite a rare model. I traded it in and got around $50 for it....*facepalm*


I've performed unspeakable acts with an SB-70.

They're worth the money.

Wil said...

Yep, trade-in stories from Hell.

Yes Donna, I know how much you like the wood.


I wanted one in the 80s
Only just picked one up
Lovely ��