Friday, April 22, 2011

Dean Cadillac

I've been digging the Dean Cadillac since way back in the 80's when I saw the woman from the obscure, one-half a hit wonder band, Toronto, playing one. For some reason I thought of that vid the other day and of course had to go over to YouTube to find it. That then made me go over to eBay and see what they had for Dean Cadillacs. The original 80's models are expensive as you have to come to expect anything that they now consider "vintage" to be. So I got to looking at the Korean made models which are the recent ones and man, they sure are pretty. I'm betting they don't play half bad either.  I don't think I would pay $575 for this.  Though it is awful pretty.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Toronto with "Your Daddy Don't Know".  I've been humming this damn song for a week now!